[pfSense] pf vrs mono?

Andrew @ ATMlogic.ca andrew at atmlogic.ca
Tue May 1 09:00:50 EDT 2012

Just wondering if someone can help me with what I would think is "basic"


I want to run pf instead of monowall on net4801 hardware. (Soekris)  When I
install monowall it for the most part just up and works, a very quick trip
to the console to establish Eth0,Eth1 and Eth2 and I am ready for 'advanced'
setup/captive portal, etc.  For my setup all I really 'need' is captive
portal working and a handfull of different vouchers.  With Monowall and a
few clicks this is up and working.


Problem with pf I have is I cannot even do basic surfing (before even
turning on the captive portal)  I setup the nics just like mono, and simply
put. I cannot surf?  In some cases from within the pf webpage I can ping
external address (e.g.  ping www.google.com) yet that is about it.  I have
run the pf setup on all forms of hardware for years, and in fustration just
gone back to m0n0wall that seems to just work.


I am thinking pf has a 'default' off where m0n0 has something on.  I have
read the how too's, but I am thinking I just glaze over something I should
be noting.


Any thoughts?



ATM Logic

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