[pfSense] pf vrs mono?

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I install pfSense all the time and configure and it just works. What kind of internet connection are you using?  If you are using a private IP address from a providers router on the WAN interface it is possible that pfSense is blocking the private ip address traffic on the WAN. This is on by default we have seen this on customers running modems, cable and DSL in non bridge mode.  If this is the case you can solve it by putting the modem in true bridge mode or by allowing private ip's accross the WAN interface. If this is not the case you must provide much more detail about your connection types and IP's to get addtional help. Also what is your pfSense install type. CF or HD?

To shut off blocking of private IP's on the WAN interface. Go to the WAN interface page and uncheck.

       	Block private networks
When set, this option blocks traffic from IP addresses that are reserved for private  networks as per RFC 1918 (10/8, 172.16/12, 192.168/16) as								well as loopback addresses (127/8).   You should generally leave this option turned on, unless your WAN network lies in such a private address space, too.      	

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  Just wondering if someone can help me with what I would think is "basic" setup.   I want to run pf instead of monowall on net4801 hardware. (Soekris)  When I install monowall it for the most part just up and works, a very quick trip to the console to establish Eth0,Eth1 and Eth2 and I am ready for 'advanced' setup/captive portal, etc.  For my setup all I really 'need' is captive portal working and a handfull of different vouchers.  With Monowall and a few clicks this is up and working.   Problem with pf I have is I cannot even do basic surfing (before even turning on the captive portal)  I setup the nics just like mono, and simply put. I cannot surf?  In some cases from within the pf webpage I can ping external address (e.g.  ping www.google.com) yet that is about it.  I have run the pf setup on all forms of hardware for years, and in fustration just gone back to m0n0wall that seems to just work.   I am thinking pf has a 'default' off where m0n0 has something on.  I have read the how too's, but I am thinking I just glaze over something I should be noting.   Any thoughts?   ---Andrew ATM Logic Never memorize something that you can Google    

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