[pfSense] pf vrs mono?

Andrew @ ATMlogic.ca andrew at atmlogic.ca
Tue May 1 10:48:56 EDT 2012

On 5/1/2012 9:33 AM, Andrew @ ATMlogic.ca wrote:
> So I think your exactly on it.  In all my testing / setup the WAN would
> be getting a private (192.168/16) address.  So is block ON by default? 
> (And guessing off by default in Mono?)

In a default config with a DHCP WAN, you can surf by just plugging in.
There is nothing special you need to do -- so long as your WAN and LAN
are on different subnets.

Everything would be in default, my network is 192.168.0.x, WAN is setup for
DHCP, no other config.

Two identical boxes (Net4801-48) image one with m0n0 and it works, image the
other with pf and it does not work (testing one at a time)
Its always been this way for me since trying pf years ago.  That said I have
not changed my firewall (other than updates) in about 8 years or more
(running SME 7.4) perhaps that could be a part of it.

I will reset pf and try with a static ip (never used the wizzard) see if
that helps.  On the m0n0 I have been able to pre-config and just drop them
onsite and all is well???

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