[pfSense] pf vrs mono?

Andrew @ ATMlogic.ca andrew at atmlogic.ca
Tue May 1 11:34:10 EDT 2012

There just is not enough detail to say why it's happening. Even seeing
the output of the banner on the console menu would be more than we're
seeing here. Going on pure speculation only gets us so far.

As below.  Connecting a PC to sis0 (through a switch) will get an IP
( however and through the web page I can ping external address's
yet I cannot complete a connection to any external website.  I will do a
reset to factory defaults, get a laptop connected to the LAN and do some
more testing.

After the #4 reset what do you suggest as my next 3-5 steps?

*** Welcome to pfSense 2.0.1-RELEASE-nanobsd (i386) on lulu ***

  WAN (wan)                 -> sis1       -> (DHCP)
  LAN (lan)                 -> sis0       ->
  OPT1 (opt1)               -> sis2       ->

 0) Logout (SSH only)                  8) Shell
 1) Assign Interfaces                  9) pfTop
 2) Set interface(s) IP address       10) Filter Logs
 3) Reset webConfigurator password    11) Restart webConfigurator
 4) Reset to factory defaults         12) pfSense Developer Shell
 5) Reboot system                     13) Upgrade from console
 6) Halt system                       14) Disable Secure Shell (sshd)
 7) Ping host

Enter an option:

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