[pfSense] Pfsense application hardware

NorthPole morfeas3000 at gmail.com
Wed May 2 06:52:27 EDT 2012

Hello everyone

I was wondering what is the proposed spec for a pfsense box which does
the following:
*vlan management
*captive portal with external radius authentication
*some custom php scripts (uploaded via the captive portal interface)
which in essence are used for logging and admin notification

The traffic through pfsense should be medium(~200 devices at any time
+1 'smart' guy using public wifi to download torrents who should be
automatically limited by the firewall or a custom script)
Now for the radius server I think that a normal pc with ~1gb ram and
an ordinary dual core cpu (and a godd intel nic ) should be enough but
I cant figure out what the pfsense box should have since it does most
of the work.

Does it need 1gb ram also and a strong cpu, maybe an ssd hd?
The best solution should be an embedded fanless box which can be
stashed somewhere with fast internet and you dont have to worry about
it until your scripts report extented down time(~2 days maybe?) but
this seems somewhat expensive (~500$?)

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