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Wed May 2 13:08:21 EDT 2012

Dear All,

 I am trying to implement a wireless network on my corporate environment
using, Authentication by Domain Controller windows AD & Radius on same
Server as well with Pfsense Captive Portal!
***Thanks to you guys for the help, I have done that in my testing zone!

 *ABOUT My Corporate Network:
*Our Corporate network is pretty much complicate to me. Its back-end is
powered by a Linux DHCP, Squid Proxy, Cisco Firewall & Layer 3 Switch (Core
Switch) which has 19 Vlans and all Vlans are trucked and distributed over
the network using manageable Dlink switches. Vlans are 5 to 95 and the Vlan
I'm intended to use is Vlan10 which is configured in the Layer 3 Switch as
a 'Guest Vlan'.
Vlan5 is for Data Center, which gives IP range: 192.168.1.xxx & Vlan10
(GuestVlan) IP is 192.168.2.xxx! And goes so on according to VlanID!
Our Network is more like a Campus Area Network. We have 5 separate building
in the city connected by Fiber Optic Cable Provided by 3rd Party. So Vlan10
will be distributed across the network as like other Vlans through trunk

*About implementation:*

 *I want the Output from pfsense should give:*

* *
1.    Pfsense should’ve WAN of Vlan5 as all the servers in Datacenter are
in that range of IP
2.    WAN from Core Switch Vlan10 (WAN from vlan5 & 10 may be dual WAN or
3.    LAN only Vlan10
4.    LAN output Vlan tagging and trucking enabled to distribute across the
5.    Pfsense should be able to talk Windows AD & Radius Server
6.    Any user connected to Vlan10 should pass through captive portal &
radius Server

*So above noted 6 points are what I intended to achieve! So Please guys
help me on this **:)**. Hope I have given Info!
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