[pfSense] Hotel setup $$

Andrew @ ATMlogic.ca andrew at atmlogic.ca
Wed May 2 21:28:18 EDT 2012

Just wondering if some of you are willing to give me an idea what you charge
for a pf setup for hotel wireless (or RV Park etc)


I have done a few of them but really. I just charge whatever I think the
market will bear  ;-)    (Sadly, in some cases I spend 4 hours setup, and
pocket about $100.oo)


In the most common example I am using the Net4801, and a single ubiquiti
NanaStation2.  End user gets the two units, and an email with a few thousand
voucher numbers in CSV format.  (often setup in 1hr, 1day, 3day, 1week,


So, in that example hardware costs aside what would you charge including 1
hour training, but no mounting of hardware?

I am going to guess they have a maintenance person, and he should be able to
figure out how to run wire for a SINGLE unit.



ATM Logic

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