[pfSense] is pfSense the right choice?

Ryan Rodrigue Radiotech1 at aaremail.com
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On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 1:55 PM, Noam Birnbaum <noam at maccentricsolutions.com>
> Good call, David --
> They current have dual WAN -- 40/40 WiMAX and 50/10 cable.  I expect that
as they grow these pipes will at least double.
> As for their *expectations* -- they are a web development startup in 
> San Francisco, so
 they have very high expectations.  They'll swallow
whatever bandwidth they can get.  They bark when a Youtube video stutters
once.  I need an extremely solid solution for them.  I would go Cisco except
no experience with it.

Another person sold on a name rather than the actual product. :) You won't
get the functionality you're looking for from Cisco. Though you won't get
exactly what you're looking for with pfSense either, specifically "provide
bandwidth management and monitoring on a per-user, per-application basis".
The best bet there on Cisco and pfSense is exporting Netflow to a collector.
We have some built in options in packages. Similar on your other QoS point
in that you'll have difficulty differentiating at least the streaming video
part, that just looks like any other HTTP traffic in that regard. VoIP and
video conferencing generally no issue. But no diff there from Cisco, and we
actually make it easier.

I hate to through a monkey in this, but the only thing I know of that will
do this would be a Mikrotik router.  I don't mean to drop other routers
names on this list, but I think it may fit the bill.  It isn’t easy to
program though.  I used to tell people that it was written in Greek.  I went
to class and found out it is Latvian.  LOL.  I have routed through a
Mikrotik box at 800+Mbps.  It does have some pretty granular throttling
controls if you can figure them out.  You can setup in the firewall for
certain protocols to use different queues also.  If you go that route I
would defiantly recommend a training class first.  Not cheap.

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