[pfSense] Anyone here used Netgate hardware for home use?

Steven Sherwood StevenS at coc.ca
Fri May 4 16:45:59 EDT 2012

Andy - did you actually put a quad port gigabit NIC into that system, or are you talking about 802.1q with the Mikrotik?

If yes, which card?  I assume the PCIe slot on that Foxconn is only half-height?  It doesn't say at Newegg.

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I've used one for several years.  Worked great.  Never had a problem running the embedded version of pfSense on it.   Did everything I needed including a IPSEC VPN tunnel to work.   I outgrew it when I wanted to start caching things, have the ability to easily track bandwidth across reboots, and track what the teenagers in the house are doing.   (I don't generally track them, but I make sure they know I can.  I glance through logs occasionally to see that all is well.)
I ended up replacing it w/ a Foxconn system from Newegg. (Foxconn SFF R10-A1 AMD E-350 APU)  It only had one NIC, but I fixed that w/ a Mikrotik RB250GS.    It's overkill but now I have 4 Gigabit NICS, a SSD for  storage, and way more memory/cpu than I can use on my home network.

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Subject: [pfSense] Anyone here used Netgate hardware for home use?

Anyone here used the Netgate m1n1wall 2D3 / 2D13 Blue?
Does this unit run the full version of PFSense, and is 256 MB for a home office deployment enough?
Do I need third nic, and separate my WLAN and lan, and then just have vlans for each network and a secure tunnel bettween lan and wlan?


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