[pfSense] Asking for F5 of pfsense before it boot-up

Francis Aroban foahorseman at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 01:32:57 EDT 2012

Hi, Hello!

I am Francis, a newly users of your pfsense software. We install it directly to a pc, and the installation is working fine!

But we have problem, during a problem outage or every time we boot-up the pc, a message on the display
F1 for pfsense
F5 for drive 0
F6 for PXE

When we press the F5, pfsense continue to load and boot-up!

I would like to ask help from you to solve our problem! Hope you could understand!

I read some blog about the same problem and indeed we follow the instruction, but the same result we get!

Thank you in advance and more power!

Sincerly yours,

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