[pfSense] pfsense on sun v100 server

Hugo Heykers hugo.heykers at telenet.be
Thu May 10 09:00:20 EDT 2012


Has anyone an idea if it would be possible to install pfsense on a sun 
V100 server, which runs Solaris 10?
I would like to use this server as my 
gateway/firewall/router/webserver...and perhaps some other services too.
I bought it because of its low power consumption.  And now want to use 
it as "a medium' between my ISP and my home-LAN's.
I am totally new to pfsense, but was recommended to it by a student at 
school (by the way, i am 51yrs)
Hope to hear some positive news!

Hugo Heykers
Jozef Stormsstraat 10
2660 Hoboken
skype: hugoh1961

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