[pfSense] pfsense on sun v100 server

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Thu May 10 16:58:05 EDT 2012

Ooh, I have a bunch of E450s I'd love to give away!  :-)
(Shipping would still be expensive, though.)

Jim Pingle <lists at pingle.org> wrote:

>On 5/10/2012 4:41 PM, Seth Mos wrote:
>>> Last I checked[1], FreeBSD (base OS of pfSense) ran on the V100's as well. Just another option for you to consider.
>> It's a considerable amount of time to build a pfSense image for Sparc, it's been tried before with MIPS. It just takes inordinate amount of time.
>It would be a lot faster on Sparc at least you'd have a decent amount of
>CPU/RAM/Storage, unlike MIPS which lacks all of the above. MIPS was also
>a Tier 3 arch, sparc64 is a Tier 2 at least.
>The fact that it's a Tier 2 arch still holds it back in some regards,
>there could be breakage in some/all the ports we need, and undoubtedly
>patches would fail or not happen in needed places.
>Not to mention the complete lack of hardware (or funding) to pursue such
>a thing.
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