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2012/5/10 Tim Nelson <tnelson at rockbochs.com>

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> > Ooh, I have a bunch of E450s I'd love to give away! :-)
> > (Shipping would still be expensive, though.)
> > -Adam
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> I gave my E450s and other Enterprise line stuff away a couple years back
> to another BSD project, and a local youngster interested in such things.
> Ah, the memories. :)
> --Tim
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Hi at list

i am not sure if somebody else mentioned that before:

...may be a different approach to get pfsense running on UltraSparc:
get the developer version/sources, put it on a FreeBSD 8.x ( iirc 8.2)
and try to cross-compile the entire architectire to UltraSparc.
At the best point you have a Ulstrasparc running with FreeBSD, where you
can put the sources on it, so no need to cross-compile.

The SunFire V100 Hardware is fully supported according to the HW-Notes of

I am just not really sure what packages/functionality isn't supported on
Ultrasparc in compare to i386/amd64.

So that would be my first try,
i think thats the easiest way




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