[pfSense] 2 LANs and time based limits

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> QoS on ADSL is notoriously difficult, and does not usually work quite as 
> expected.  There are implementation issues to blame, as well as a 
> theoretical/logical problem.

I understand (thanks to your explanations) but what I was thinking was not playing with the WAN side of the pipe which is shared, but with the interfaces between pfSense and the two sets of clients, which are not ADSL but traditional Ethernet links.

What I'm in doubt about now, is where to put the limiter rule ?

Should the limiter be seen by me as a way to guarantee bandwidth, in which case I should set it high an apply it on the classrooms interface, or should it be seen by me as a bandwidh limiter, in which case I set it low and apply it on the appartments interface ?

> When you configure your system as described, you will rarely - if ever - 
> get exactly the results you expected.  Aim for "good enough", instead of 
> "perfect" and you will likely succeed.

good enough is good enough for us : up until now there was only a single ADSL line for each set of clients, needless to say students will be happy whatever the solution.

right now there's no limiter in use, so they ENJOY pfSense ;-)

thanks for your help.

Jerome Alet

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