[pfSense] EasyRule to tun0 interface.

Jim Pingle lists at pingle.org
Tue May 15 11:53:29 EDT 2012

On 5/15/2012 11:48 AM, Sebastian Moreno wrote:
> Thanks Jim for your answer, but I don't see the interface on the list
> of available interfaces to add.
> What I'm doing wrong?

It should show in the drop-down under Interfaces > (assign) I thought,
but perhaps we filter them out since we rename all ours to ovpnxx.

How about using:
ifconfig tun0 group openvpn

Run that in an 'up' script, adjust the interface as needed.

And then just use the OpenVPN tab in the GUI to manage the rules. (Still
can't use easyrule for that though)


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